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Dr. Rifat Akram Hamoudi, Associate Professor, College of Medicine, Department of Clinical Science, University of Sharjah

Dr. Rifat Hamoudi, Ph.D, C.Eng, C.Sci is a multi and inter-disciplinary researcher with deep background and work experience that spans the fields of Medicine, Engineering and Computer Science. He started out as electronic engineer but moved into medical sciences. He has three different MSc degrees from the University of London in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Electronic & Medical Engineering and Computer Science respectively. He has a PhD from University of Cambridge in Pathology & Immunology.

He worked in cancer genetics at the Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute of Cancer Research, United Kindom and was a member of the team that discovered BRCA2. Following the publishing of the human genome in 2001 he moved to work in molecular pathology establishing and applying novel wet methodologies, algorithms and software for molecular screening and personalised medicine, diagnostic and prognostic biomarker discoveries and understanding the molecular mechanism of various diseases with a view to identifying key diagnostic and therapeutic targets.

Prior to joining University of Sharjah, Dr. Hamoudi was Associate Professor in Molecular and Computational Pathology at University College London (UCL), UK where he identified therapeutic targets using novel bioinformatics methods and used them in photo and sono-dynamic therapy to address the problems of heterogeneity and clonal evolution in complex diseases such as cancer. This work lead to a clinical trial using photochemical internalisation to treat various aggressive cancers, which was published in Lancet Oncology journal.

He has co-initiated the Personal Genome Project – UK with colleagues at UCL where he is the lead in software and algorithms development and has written many information management system software using various software engineering methodologies to collate, store clinicopathology information and correlate that to multi-OMICs (genomics, transcriptomics and epigenetics) data.

Dr. Hamoudi is a Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Member of Pathological society, British Computer Society and Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine. He has Chartered Engineer and Chartered Scientist status. He has more than 100 publications in high impact journals including PNAS, Nature, Nature Genetics, Lancet, Science and Cell in areas spanning bioinformatics, cancer genetics and molecular pathology. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical and Medical Imaging and Journal of Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Dr. Hamoudi developed and lectured on various courses including biostatistics for engineers and scientists, surgical oncology, human genetics, biochemistry, clinical bioinformatics and molecular pathology. In addition, Dr. Hamoudi has developed many software products for various purposes including natural language processors, image analysis and computer vision and analysis next generation sequencing data.