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Speaker Interview

Dr. Ramadan Alblooshi, CEO, Dubai Healthcare City Authority - Regulation (DHCR)

How important is it to set a framework for Patient‐Centered Excellence?   

DHCC is unique in the sense that not only are the patients who seek care from facilities within the city are our customers, but so are the providers of care as well as the facility itself. We all share a common interest and a core focus, providing the highest quality care in the safest environment possible. Thus, the patient is at the epicentre of all that we do as our role of regulator. From ensuring only the highest calibre healthcare professionals are licensed to practice within the city, as well as developing evidence based policies, guidelines and standards of care we are doing our very best to ensure that patients are receiving high quality care is being delivered in a patient and family-centred environment. In addition, all DHCC healthcare facilities are internationally accredited and we ensure highest health care quality through our well-established quality assurance program. In 2018 the effort by DHCC was crowned when we won the Dubai Government Excellency Program award. 

What is the impact of digital health in the GCC healthcare sector?

It is very important for the GCC healthcare sector to align with the international healthcare sectors development requirements. These include technology, innovation smart services to meet customers’ expectations by adopting digital & smart health solutions & implementing innovation in all healthcare aspects as possible. Digital health has become a critical factor in the healthcare sector to achieve excellency in healthcare, enhance customer happiness and healthcare services efficiency through interconnected health systems to assist healthcare providers and patients to manage illnesses, risks, and to promote health and wellbeing.


How has DHCC implemented innovations in healthcare regulations? 

DHCC provides most of its regulatory related services through an innovative online system “Masaar”, has launched three (3) Smart Applications, supports innovative healthcare solution in the city and currently in the process to implement several innovative services and projects in collaboration with different strategic partners.

In line with DHCC’s commitment to placing excellence and patient safety at core of its mission, what initiatives were implemented in awarding hospitals for innovation in driving patient-centric healthcare delivery? 

We are hosting a first of its kind conference on patient safety and best practice partnering with the Patient Safety Movement. The presenters of the conference are mainly DHCC healthcare professionals showcasing the implementation of a best practice in their clinical setting that had a direct impact on improving the culture of safety. As a regulator, we are encouraging and promoting a culture of safety by providing a platform to those entities we are responsible for regulating to share with each other their best practices and become models in care delivery for each other.  Dubai Healthcare City has launched its own healthcare excellence program to encourage their business partners (healthcare providers) to provide innovative healthcare services