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Speaker Interview

Girish Sehgal, CEO & MD, FASSCO International PTE

What is FASSCO’s philosophy towards patient experience?

We believe in the culture of learning and caring for each other. All our service offerings and capabilities have been designed keeping the patient and their health in mind.

FASSCO’s brand is also synonymous with excellence, we believe in ‘Perfect is Possible’ and we demonstrate this through all of our services interactions. 

FASSCO’s philosophy of patient centric approach combined with our above culture of excellence in hospitality drives each member at FASSCO to deliver a holistic and personalized ‘Patient First’ care in each of their interactions. 

FASSCO’s caregivers are immensely motivated about their role in serving our patients throughout their recovery journey with empathy and professionalism. When we ask, ‘what’s the best part of your job’ our caregivers reply is, “seeing the patients recover and go home to their family”. This ethos is reflected in FASSCO’s high Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores at 99th percentile within the GCC, and at 94th percentile worldwide for our food services operations in Abu Dhabi.  

The strength of our partnership comes down to our ‘Right-Fit-Partner’ approach and shared understanding that food and clean, safe environment are essential elements in the healing process of the patient.

To deliver on these superior levels of service interactions FASSCO, along with its partners have brought together a team of leading international hospitality professionals, Michelin Star Chefs, healthcare industry experts who help deliver a high level of expertise resulting in this unique personalize patient service experience.  

What do you feel are the challenges faced or gaps in the current and desired px initiatives in the region?

The challenges which we see in the market is the transactional behavior which exists between service provider and the healthcare operator, which can be felt by the patients and their guests in terms of sometimes lack of empathy and meaningful communication.

We believe, a partnership approach between service provider and the operator bring innovative solutions and collective acceptance of risk.

In addition, introducing smart technologies to understand and improve patient experience, even before their arrival to the hospital through apps which also help provide educational content about their health and diet would be very helpful additions.

How do you think this symposium will impact healthcare providers in their aim to achieve px excellence and drive towards ‘patient centricity’, and why is such a platform important for the healthcare sector in the region?

World-Class Healthcare is amongst the six growth drivers for the UAE, supporting the Government meet its vision for 2021. With this focus towards medical tourism, the Healthcare symposium such as these help promote the Hospitality concept in Healthcare leading to an improved patient experience, a positive referral for UAE and help develop effective and integrated healthcare solutions.

Hearing experiences of other Healthcare providers doing a great job in their specialties, helps the bridge connecting people in the same industry and bringing the best practices from one another through a ‘Sharing, Caring and Learning’ culture.

This symposium plays as a catalyst for healthcare professionals networking, knowing strengths of other players in the healthcare eco system and acquiring best practices in the region.

What are some of FASSCO’s contributions towards quality patient experience in the healthcare industry in the Middle East?

World-ClaIn FASSCO each team member has a profound determination to ‘serve’ and ‘connect’ with the patients. Coming in everyday to work and doing the simple things continuously, consistently and sustainably is what gives us a sustainable competitive edge.

FASSCO’s focus is only the Healthcare Hospitality sector and as such, we have in-depth sector knowledge and healthcare expertise, positioning us as the Healthcare Hospitality Specialist.

We also understand food, high level of cleanliness and infectious free environment are essential element in the healing process of the patient, it also contributes to:

  • High patient satisfaction of healthcare facility
  • Prevention of malnutrition from 25 to 80%, and ensures speedy recovery
  • Helps reduces fatality by approximately 30%
  • Contributes to higher recommendation of the healthcare facility
  • Enhances healthcare facility’s revenues

Reference: Isabel M et al. Clin Nutr, 2003; 22: 235-239 , Sally McCray, APD*; Kirsty Maunder, AdvAPD,‡ CHIA§;, Renee Krikowa, APD*; Kristen MacKenzie-Shalders, PhD, APD*

Our vision Trusted global healthcare hospitality partner committed to enriching lives of people around us’, mission ‘Be pioneers in delivering sustainable world class solutions through innovation and empowerment’ and values ‘HEROES’ H – Happiness and Wellbeing, E – Excel and Innovate, R – Responsive and Collaborative, O – Open Minded and Outcome Oriented, E – Ethical and Empathetic, S – Safety First. All inspire each and every FASSCO Caregivers to provide world class quality experience at all our operators in UAE and worldwide. 



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