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Speaker Interview

Karin Jay, Vice President- Global Services, Planetree

What are the top concerns of patients when it comes to providing a holistic approach to healthcare delivery?

The top concerns are dismissal / trivialization of the patient voice, absence of caring attitudes from providers and the lack of continuity in care. This is based on Planetree focus groups with patients, family members and staff.  These issues are applicable across cultures (we currently work in 25 countries) and care settings. Planetree’s  has focused efforts on harnessing  the voices of patients.

What are some of the elements necessary for the implementation and sustainability of patient- centered care?

Patient and family centered care (PFCC) has been identified as a cornerstone of the national strategy for delivering better care and achieving better patient experiences at a lower cost. For more details about an overview of the framework, please check here

 How should healthcare organizations engage staff in building patient and family experience?

Co-production is critical. For sustainability, we need to know that processes will work for all involved. Structures and processes to ensure that staff members doing the work have a voice in how the work is done,  is imperative. It is also essential to support and engage staff on a personal level.

What are some of the challenges faced by healthcare providers while engaging with a patient.

Inherent challenges of “systematic personalization.” How can we put in systems to individualize care that still work within the needs of a system? Also, a word of caution: for many patients and family members – whether due to culture, past experiences with the healthcare system, generational expectations, etc. – engagement may not feel natural. It is incumbent on healthcare professionals to extend an invitation to engage – at the point of care and in ongoing organizational improvement.

How can healthcare providers ensure they get the most out of patient clinical encounters?

There are many strategies to optimize the patient encounter.  These include the following: Inviting the patient to voice their questions, concerns and preferences;  Inviting the patient to review his/her own medical record with a clinician; Inviting the patient to identify a care partner to collaborate with the patient and care team,  and help coordinate treatment; Inviting the patient to engage in shared decision making and goal setting; and, Using a teach-bask approach to ensure that the patient and care partner understands fully the information that has been provided.

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